Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park

parcul national Cheile Nerei

The Geographic Location

Cheile Nerei- Beusnita National park is located in southwest Romania in Caras Severin Judet , or county, covering the entire southern area of the aninei Mountains and the northern portion of the Locvei Mountains.Its central geographic coordinates are 44 grads 45 minutes north latitude and 21 grads 53 minutes east longitude. The total surface area of the park is 36,758.0 hectares.

The mission of Cheile Nerei – Beusnita National Park

To protect the karst environment,the various ecosystems and the existing cultural –historical calues for future generations, science, education and ecoturism.

Internal Zoning

Nr. Name Surface(ha) Category(IUCN)
1 ZCS Cheile Nerei 4.069,40 I
2 ZCS Ciclova-Ilidia 1.939,30 I
3 ZCS Cheile susara 247,80 I
4 ZCS Ducin 284,90 I
5 ZCS Bigar 270,90 I
6 RN Lisovacea 33,00 IV
ZCS=special conservation zone
RN=natural reservation


The Aninei Mountains within the park have several striking peaks. Dealu Simionului 899 m, Custura Cetatii ,Grohanul Mare 1044 m, Varful Leordis 1159m ,Varful Plesiva 1143 mVarful Esalnata 915 m Carsia Mare 1097 mand Dealu Cornetu Mare 821m. The altitude drops to 150 meters within the Nerei Valley ,making a difference of roughly 1,000 meters in altitude. The region is characterized by high karstmor limestone,plateaus that give birth to the steepslopes of multiple valleys that have cut through stratified layers of carbon rok; Cheile Minisului, Cheile Nerei ,Valea Beului, Valea Ciclovei ,Valea Oraviteiand Valea Cremenita.The high karstic plateaus of Poiana Roschii ,Poiana Lisovacea and Poiana Odobasnita contain nearly every major endo –and exokarst formation ; some of which come in contact with golumbu sandstone forming springs , sinkholes, caves ,karst walls ,canyons and gorges.

Other areas of interest

The plateaus with clints and dolines in Poiana Florii, Dealu Lisvaru ,, Pauleasca,Poienile Femeia Moarta and Cornetu Mare with large basins within Valea Rea and with large deposits of freshwater, limestone ,a majority wich are overflowing with waterfalls at izbucurile Bigar ,Moceris ,Dugin ,Tisia ,Beusnita ,Vicinic and Simion.
The Locvei Mountains within the park are entirely made of karst rock characterized by plateaus with dollies ,clients , and vertical caves of Carbunari, Stancilova , La Poieni.
The plateaus in this region are surround by valleys the Susara , cremenita , Ogasu Porcului , Ulmu Mic and Ulmu Mare Valleys.


The national park has a temperate –continental climate wich has a sub-Mediterranean influence. Average minimum temperature varies between-5 grads and -1 grads Celsius ;whereas the average maximum temperature can vary between 15 grads and 20 grads Celsius. Minimumand maximum temperatures have been recorded at -27 grads and 39 grads Celsius. Precipitation levels are between 700 and 1,100 mm/m/ year. The predominant winds blow from the south and northwest with speeds that can reach up to 5 meters per second in the higher altitudes.The average number of days with clear sky per year is roughly 60 days .The area is covered with snow between 75 and 100 days per year, and in heavy fog on average 50 days per year.

Populated Areas

Within the perimeter of the park , there lies just one village,Stancilova.
Population density of the park is 10 inhabitants per square kilometer. In several areas Poiana Lisovacea ,Poiana Cuces, Poiana Roschii and Poiana Odobasnita ,there are larger concentrations of sheds with fenced farm land which are in use from spring to late autumn .Near the borders of the national park ,youwill also find several other small towns and villages:Anina , Bozovici ,Lapusnic , Moceris , Sopot , Carbunari ,Sasca Romana , Sasca Montana , Potoc , Socolari, Ilidia , Ciclova Romana , Ciclova Montana and Oravita.

Cultural - Historical Resouces

Within the national park, there were identified 6 historical sites. However, there are 30 other sites ne4ar the borders to the park, The most important of these sites are the Socolari Fort ,Calugara Monastery,Roman ruins of Valley Boistea, tunnels from sasca and the Old Theater Oravita.There are also 24 subterranean sites in Cheile Nerei. In these caves were discovered ceramic fragments , fire rings ,and other evidence of human life from the Neolithic era to the present. However, the most important site is situated in a cave in Cheile Minisului where there were found remains of human skeletons which are considered some of the oldest findings in all of Europe. In the area , you can also find the remains of old railway lines and tunnels built into the wilderness areas and high altitudes 900m around 100 years ago.Traditional agricultural and farming methods are still in use today.also, in several villages surrounding the oark you will still find people dressed in trsditional clothing, specific to the Banat region.

Tourist or Hiking Trails (in process of being marked)

  • 1. Cheile Nerei Trail; marked by red band-time: 9 hours. Sopotu Nou-Cheile Nerei (Dristie-Poiana Meliugului-Lacu Dracului-lzvorul lordanului-Cantonul Damian-Poiana Lindinii-convering with Valea Beului) - Sasca Româna. Length: 22,7km. Difference in elevation: 45m.
  • Main Attractions: Poiana Dristie, peretele calcaros Cârsa Lunga, Avenul Cutezatorilor, Pestera lui Milos, Poiana Meliugului, Lacul Dracului, Cascadele seci de pe Ogasul Porcului, Abruptul Pânza Albinii, Cascadele seci de pe Ogasul Ulmu Mic, Izvorul Iordanului, Poiana Alunilor, Pestera Voinii Cascadele de pe Valea Ulmu Mare, Pestera Boilor, Pestera lui Vât, Pestera de la Farna, "Pesterile La Gauri", Cârsa La închinaciune, Cascadele de pe Valea Rea, Cârsa Soimului, Pestera Porcarului, Pestera Dubova, Cascadele de pe Valea Porcarului, Peretii calcarosi Turnu Mare al Begului si Turnu Mic al Begului, Pestera Rolului, Peretele Calcaros Cârsa Baltan, peretele calcaros Cracu Maicai, peretele calcaros Cârsa Caraula.
  • 2. Minisului and Beiului Trail; marked by yelow band-time:8 hours. Cheile Minisului (converging with Valea Steierdorf) –Valea Minis-Pestera Plopa-Canton Crivina-Poiana Gura Racajdianului-Valea Racajdianu-Valea Beiu Sec-Cantonul Beiu Sec - Lacu Ochiu Beu – Valea Beiului - Cabana Valea Beiului - Podul Beiului - Cheile Nerei on trail Sopotu Nou - Sasca Româna (marked by red band). Lenght: 21 km, difference in elevation: 545m.
    Main Attration: Cheile Vaii Minisului, Izvorul Irma, Pestera Plopa, Pestera Ponor Uscat, Poiana lui Marcu, Doline, Poiana Gura Racajdianului, Valea Racajdiana, Izvorul Selestiuta, peretele calcaros Tâlva Ursoaia, Lacul Ochiu Beului, Cascadele Beusnita, peretele calcaros Dealul Despedea.
  • 3. Resita to Danube Trail Gura Golumbului - Carbunari) marked with blue band - time 15 hours. Lacul Gura Golumbului - Cabana Cerbu-Valea Golumbu-Poiana Liciovacea-Cantonul Liciovacea - Poiana Scocu-Valea Scocului-Poiana Roschii-Cabana Samaritenilor-Valea Ducin-Cantonul Stiubei-Poiana Stefaroane-lzvorul Tisiei-Dealul Coacaza- Poiana Alunilor-Ogasul Alunilor-Poiana Albinii-Râul Nera-Poiana Meliugului (legatura cu traseul Sopotu Nou-Sasca Româna, marcaj banda rosie)- Culmea Lacului-Poiana Poloamele Mici-Poiana Logor - DJ571B - Carbunari. Lenght: 35,4km, difference 780m.
    Main Attrations: Lacul Gura Golumbului, Canionul Vaii Golumbului, Avenul Domnesc, Avenul Bradului, Poiana Liciovacea, Avenul cu Sifon, doline, ponoare, Cheile Scocului, peretele calcaros Bracia, Vf. Radosca (1013, m), terasament de cale ferata forestiera (vechime 100 ani), mori de apa parasite, Poiana Roschii, Pestera Zgârieturi, Avenul Explorator, Pestera din Padurea Plesiva, Avenul Râurile Suspendate, padure de brad, izvor carsatic, Avenul Stiubei, Avenul lui loji, Poiana Stefaroane, Izvorul Tisiei, Pestera Tisiei, Poiana Alunilor, Poiana Meliugului, Lacul Dracului, Avenul Sperantei, Poiana Poloamele Mici, Poiana Logor, Izvorul Boistii.
  • 4. Socolari to Moceris Trail marked by red cross – time: 12 hours. Socolari-DI. Cetatii-Lacul Ochiul Beului (intersecting with Cheile Minisului-Podul Beiului Trail; marked with yelow band)-Cascada Beusnita-Valea seaca-Saua Plesiva Mica-Valea Ducinu Rau-Poiana Roschii-Cabana Samaritenilor (intersecting with Cheile Minisului-Carbunari (marked mwith blue band)-Poiana Lupului-Poiana Pesterii-Ogasu Mare-lzbucul Moceris-Moceris. Length 24,1 km, diffence in elevation 660m.
    Main Attrations: Cetatea medievala, punct de belvedere, Lacul Ochiul Beului, Cascadele Beusnitei, Valea Beusnita, vale de grohotis, arbori cu vârsta de peste 100 ani, perete calcaros Cornetu înalt, Valea Ducinu Rau, Avenul din Padure, ponoare, Pestera Fânului, Pestera cu Gheata, lapiezuri, Avenul Râurile Suspendate, Poiana Roschii, puncte de belvedere, stâne, Pestera de la Valee, pereti calcarosi de lOOm, Izbucul Moceris, cascade -15m, depozite de travertine, belvedere.
  • 5. Susara Trail, marked by blue cross - time 2 hours. From the Sopotu Nou-Sasca Româna (marked with red band). Sasca Montana - Valea Susara-Cabana Susara-Cascada Susara-Poiana La Lac – Carbunari (intersection with the trail markrd with blue band). Length 4,3km, diffence in elevation 330m.
    Main Attraction: Susara Valley, Cave „cu Apa din Valea Susara”, Waterfall Susara, La Lac Clearing, La Lac Spring.

Habitars and Species

Forest ,field and plain , subterranean and aquatic areas are the principle habitats within the park. Protected habitats include:12 grass and brush habitats.
-23 springs with deposits of freshwater limestone.
-111 rock and cave habitats a total of 472 cavities.
Forest habitats evergreen 4%, fag 38 %,quercinee 18%, carpen 13%, salcam 5 %, tari12 %, tei 8 %, div moi 2 %
Terestrial fauna is represented by 313 taxons of which 189 taxons are nonvertebrate and 124 vertebrates;plus another 273 nonvertebrate species and subspecies found in subterranean fauna.119 species within the park are protected.of these protected species , 29species are found only in this national park and another 45 are very rare .
Flora is reoresented by 1086 species of superior plants which belong to 98 families.


Roads : Caransebes E 70, Resita DN 58 , Anina , Oravita , or Bozovici DN57B, Carbunari or Sopotu Nou DJ 571 B, Ciclova Montana or Ciclova Romana DJ571J and Potoc DJ571 K .
Train Stations: Anina and Oravita.
Airports: Timisoara and Caransebes.

Places for Overnight –Stay within the Park

Cheile Minisului Valea Minisului Camp, capacity5o, Cheile Minisului Cerbul cabin, capacity 22, Cheile Nerei Valea Bei Cabin, capacity12, and Poiana Roschii Roschii Cabin, capacity 40 .

Legal Campsites

No Built Facilities
Cheile Nerei near the Valea Bei Cabin, Cheile Nerei near the Damian Forestry and Poiana Roschii near the Liciovacea Forestry Cabin.

Places for Overnight-Stay near the Park

Anina Hotel Steierdorf, capacity 16,Oravita Hotel Caras, capacity 20, Oravita Sapte Brazi Cabin, capacity 10,Bozovici Hotel Minis, capacity22, Sasca Montana Nera Land, capacity5, Sasca Montana Lazar Anamaria Motel, capacity5, Sasca Montana Dora Motel, capacity7 and Sasca romana Cheile Nerei Motel, capacity8.


In the towns of Anina ,Bozovici and Oravita

Cycle-tourist Trails

S.4.1.4. Cheile Minisului Trail.road DN57B. Anina-Cheile Minisului- Bozovici. Length:P29km.
S.6.2.1. Cheile Nerei - Beusnita Trail. Road DJ57. Sasca Montana-Slatina Nera- intersecting DJ571C. Intersection- Potoc-Socolari. Potoc variation socolari- Valea Beului- Podul Beului- Canton Damian, Forestry Road DF. Length:36km.
S.6.2.2. Nera Trail. Road Dj571. Sasca Montana-Stinapari-Carbunari;Dj 571B Carbunari- Sopotu Nou-intersecting with DC44 intersection-Moceris- Bozovici. Length:41km.
M.5.1.5. Poneasca trail. Forestry Road, Berzavita Cilvic Cabin-Valea Poneasca- intersecting with DC46.Intersection-Valea Minisului,DC46. Length:30km.

Alpinist Trails

Peretele Begul Mare Climbing Routes: southern face of the Big Tower ,2A; the Eastern Face, 5A;steaua de Munte or Mountain star,5b; Comorilor trail,5A; the Northern Face,4A;and Speo Trail in the Northern tancul, 2B
Peretele Rolului Climbing Routes: the Front Fissure in the Tower with Spurs,4A;Pintenului Fissure in the turnul cu pinteni,4B;Granicerului Trail din turnu cu pinten,4A;1 Mai Trail in the Middle tower,2B;Rolului Face,2B; and Last Edge, 3A.

Rafting/Kayak Trails

Cheile Nerei (Sopotu Nou – Sasca Romana). Length:22,7km .Difference in elrvation;45m.Average water flow:6m per second.

Cave-Diving Areas

Dracului Lake, Cave cu Apa din Valea Susara, Tisei Cave Ponor -Plopa, Cave, Cave de la captare, and Bigar Spring.

Possible Areas in which to View Wildlife

In Valea Beiului, Pauleasca, Poiana Licovacea, Poiana Roschii and Tisia you may have the possibility of viewing fox, lynx,bear, deer/stags,wild goats, bats, various bird species.
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